Indian head massage

Head massage has been an important part of life in India and Pakistan for nearly 4000 years with the techniques being passed on through the generations. Today Indian head massage is used regularly to help reduce stress, release toxins in the body and improve general health and promote healthy hair growth. It can also help to reduce the frequency and pain of headaches and help to clear sinuses and help improve sleep patterns, anxiety and low mood. Work on the back shoulders and neck can also help relieve muscular tension.

What happens during a treatment?

During an Indian head massage treatment, a number of massage techniques are used on the upper back, shoulders neck, head and face. The treatment is carried out on a treatment couch to ensure your comfort.

The treatment can be given clothed but clients are invited to remove clothing on upper body and towels are used to protect modesty.

Eastern Facial Massage

Eastern Facial Massage offers a very relaxing and beneficial treatment covering the face, scalp and ears. The benefits are similar to Indian head massage and include: helping to clear sinuses, help with headaches and migraines, general relaxation, help with poor sleep patterns and low mood, improving skin suppleness and as with all therapies, the release of toxins from the body.

What happens during a treatment?

The treatment is given fully clothed and lying face up on a treatment couch.

As with all complimentary therapies Indian head massage and Eastern facial massage are not alternatives to medical treatment and you should see your GP with any health concerns.

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